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The brand Michael Carte bears in Bologna in the 1970 with the purpose of producing footwears for lady, good looking and in the same time extremely confortable. The productin allows us to operate in a handicraft character, taking care of each detail in each particularity, from the selection of the leather as the tassel, the calves, the chamoises, the kidskins and whips, to the bottoms that could be leather, rubber and half rubber. The height of the heels could be form 30 to 60, but always keeping well present the stability of the shoe and the confort of whom who wear it. The prices considering the handicraft of the production stay however extremely competitive, in fact they are able to proopose the final consumer a price that oscillate between 95 US$ and 130 US$ for the leather more estimeted, like whips and crocodile. The models here illustrated are a small example of the collection.